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verb, adjective, noun

a statement of  meaning.

the thing one intends to convey 

the thing that is conveyed 

watercolor self portrait, reading a book

Oren (Verb):

  • To empathize with someone's situation or feelings, demonstrating patience and refraining from judgment.

  • To question one’s assumptions and biases.

  • To attempt to solve a problem or generate new ideas through inclusive group discussions.

  • To donate small, whimsical treasures.

  • To transform by-products, discarded materials, or unwanted things into new materials or items perceived to have artistic or environmental value.

The group orened solutions, collaboratively ensuring that everyone's ideas were considered and respected.

Oren (Adjective):

  • Deviating from what is ordinary, usual, or expected.

  • Inclined to investigate; eager for knowledge.

  • Demonstrating a naturally helpful disposition.

  • Quick and ready to share illuminating or amusing perspectives.

  • Causing laughter or amusement.

The teacher’s oren approach to education encouraged students to be curious and eager for knowledge, creating a fun and engaging learning environment.

Oren (Noun):

  • The learning pathway that a reader follows while navigating from topic to topic on the internet—especially on Wikipedia.

  • When a text's meaning is shaped by another text through deliberate compositional strategies, such as allusion, quotation, translation, pastiche, puns, or parody. These interconnections only become apparent when discovered by the text's audience or reader.

  • An allegorical composition made of pixels.

  • Something that guides through an intricate maze of difficulties.

  • An enchanted device designed with one or more lenses to aid in the viewing of objects not readily seen.

The photographer used a specialized Oren, capturing distant metaphors and revealing details not visible to the naked eye.

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